St. Joseph’s College Teach Out

To help SJC seniors complete their final year, USF was designated by the Higher Learning Commission as a SJC Teach-Out school. As such, USF is committed to graduating you on time in your degree program, and to matching your previous SJC financial aid package.

USF/SJC Teach-Out Program

  1. USF will accept your Saint Joseph’s College credits
  2. USF will match your Saint Joseph’s College financial aid package
  3. Teach-Out students will graduate on time with their senior class by August 1, 2018

Next steps

  • Please complete our short form to begin the USF/SJC Teach-Out Program.
  • Send us a copy of your financial aid award letter
  • Send us a copy of your SJC transcript (official or unofficial)


Please call or schedule an appointment at 260.399.8000. We look forward to hearing from you soon.