International Students Checklist

After you’ve finished celebrating your acceptance, we need just a few more things to help you become an official USF student.

  • Submit Financial Verification
  • Signed Financial Sponsorship Form
    Students fully sponsored by their home government or by other external scholarships should provide an official letter of support from their government or other sponsor instead of the sponsorship form.
  • Bank evidence
    Students with private sponsors (parents, family, friends) must also provide a current, official bank statement or bank letter that clearly indicates that the financial sponsor has at least $37,870 (the 2014-15 estimated Cost of Attendance) in his or her bank account. Students who are sponsored by their home government or who have evidence of other external scholarships do not need to provide bank evidence.
  • Complete Program-Specific Requirements
    A few of our programs, especially our healthcare programs, require more information. If we need anything extra from you, we let you know. If you would like to double-check, you can always call your admissions counselor at 260.399.8000.
  • Pay Your Deposit
  • Receive your I-20
    Once your deposit and financial verification are received, your place at Saint Francis will be reserved and our Designated School Official will issue your Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) for your U.S. F-1 student visa. Please notify your admissions counselor of your correct mailing address, especially if it has changed since you submitted your application.
  • Students Transferring F-1 Status
    If you currently have F-1 status, you must arrange to transfer your F-1 status to Saint Francis. Complete the F1 Transfer History Form in consultation with the Designated School Official at your current school. Your “Pending Transfer” I-20 will be sent to you after the History Form is received and after your SEVIS record has been released to Saint Francis.
  • Submit Your Final Transcript
  • Submit a housing contract via My Cougar Connection
  • Register for classes by contacting your admissions counselor to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.
  • Complete the online Welcome Weekend registration.
  • Attend Welcome Weekend the Friday and Saturday before classes start in August.
  • Purchase your books online or at the Campus Shoppe, located in the lower level of Pope John Paul II Center.

We have also included detailed information in your acceptance packet to be used for reference. See you on campus soon!