Student Services

Student Academic Support Services

Everything SASS does is free for our students. Free peer-to-peer tutoring, free online tutoring and free advice on getting organized and managing your time. What can we say? We’re here to make you successful. If you’re worried about your course load, SASS is the place to go.

Career Outreach Center

More free services for students are offered here. The Career Outreach Center helps students understand career options. Sure you like science, but what can you do with that? Once you know what you want to do, we also help make sure you’re successful starting your career. We’ll help you write a résumé and practice for interviews.

We are USF!

Commuter Services

As a commuter, we know you’re busy. You might not have the same opportunities to get involved on campus as the students who are here all the time. Commuter Services exists to make you feel more a part of the campus community. Expect free lunch and Gas Card Bingo. Watch for our newsletter (it has coupons!). Stay connected through Facebook and on Twitter.

John Duns Scotus Honors Program

The USF Honors Program – aside from offering a greater academic challenge and resume-building rewards – allows students to work more closely with faculty on learning and research projects. Have a 3.5 GPA and SAT of 1200 or an ACT of 26? Email the program director and let us know you are interested.

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Diversity Center

Size, shape and color are not obstacles to USF students visiting the Diversity Resource Center in Trinity Hall. We strive to help everyone in the USF culture view differences differently. From the ball pit to lounge furniture to café tables and large-screen TV, the environment brings all students together in a setting of comfort, understanding and unity.