Spiritual Life

Our community includes people with many backgrounds and beliefs. All are welcome at the University of Saint Francis and benefit from our mission of learning, leadership and service. Your education here will include deeper conversations about your spiritual and personal development and how they support your academic and professional goals.

We exist to serve the public good and what we stand for is captured in our Franciscan values. These universal values show up in everything we do. It’s something you’ll come to realize as you help others in the community, interact with fellow students and engage with your professors.

Spiritual Life

Franciscan Values

  • Reverence the UNIQUE DIGNITY of each person.
  • ENCOURAGE a trustful, prayerful community of learners.
  • SERVE ONE ANOTHER, society and the Church.
  • RESPECT creation.

We seek to show each person God’s love.

Spiritual Life

The Center for Franciscan Life provides opportunities for service, fellowship, spiritual growth and worship for everyone on campus.

  • The Center for Service Engagement which offers opportunities for students to give back
  • Concerts, coffeehouses, themed lunches and fellowship events
  • Daily Catholic Masses and monthly interfaith services
  • Off-campus weekend retreats led by our Peer Ministry team
  • Scripture and faith sharing groups
  • RCIA, an opportunity to further explore the Catholic faith