St. Francis taught us to respect, care for, and serve one another. More than a mere ideal, this lesson lives at the heart of our university. It is a core value that is practiced, modeled, and taught — and it served as the impetus for our  scholarship program.

Pay It Forward Scholarship

Deadline to apply: The Pay It Forward application has closed.

Apply to win a full-tuition scholarship! At USF, we believe that acts of kindness make the world a better place. Do you? If so, tell us how you have paid it forward to someone else in life.

The University will award one full-tuition scholarship (tuition and fees) and two half-tuition scholarships (tuition and fees) for the 2020-21 academic year. Pay It Forward Scholarships are renewable up to four years.

Eligibility: First-time and transfer students seeking their first undergraduate degree at USF are eligible to apply. Students must attend USF full-time at the Fort Wayne or Crown Point location to receive this scholarship.

This cannot be added on to other USF institutional scholarships.

2020-2021 Academic Scholarships

USF values your commitment to academic performance during your high school years and offers scholarships based on your high school grade point average and your scores on the ACT and SAT.

First-Time Students

Scholarship Amount GPA Best Composite SAT/ACT
President’s Scholarship $19,000 4.0+ 1110/22
Trustee’s Scholarship $18,000 3.75-3.99 1040/20
Founder’s Scholarship $17,000 3.4-3.74 960/18
Dean’s Scholarship $16,000 3.0-3.39 < 960/18
Achievement Scholarship $15,000 < 2.99 < 960/18

Academic scholarships are renewable up to four years. USF will consider your highest section scores across all dates you took the SAT or ACT.

Transfer Students

Amount Cumulative College GPA
$10,000 3.5-4.0
$8,000 3.0-3.49
$7,000 2.1-2.99
$5,000 < 2.09

Additional Scholarships (2020-2021)

USF offers additional scholarship opportunities for first-time and current students. Be sure to visit the Office of Financial Aid for a full list.

Catholic High School Scholarship

Are you a student at a Catholic High School? Receive a $1,000 scholarship for continuing your education at USF, a Catholic university founded in the Franciscan tradition.

Legacy Scholarship

Receive a $500 scholarship for continuing the family tradition. If your parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt or uncle, or cousin graduated from USF, you are eligible for this scholarship.

Antoinette Murray Scholarship

This scholarship is available to USF students who meet criteria for financial aid, along with Antoinette Murray’s requirements of 20 hours of volunteer service per year, a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and an essay describing how community service has impacted them personally and is enhancing their educational experience. The scholarship is need-based and valued up to $2,500. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for an application.

In certain circumstances, other financial aid you receive may result in your offer being reduced. All financial aid you receive, when combined with scholarships, cannot exceed the total cost of tuition and fees.