Pay It Forward

Live to be Part of the Solution

Pay it Forward reflects our long-established commitment to service. Simply put, we believe that God calls each of us to serve — and that acts of kindness make the world a better place.

In honor of Saint Francis and in recognition of all who spread love and kindness, USF is pleased to present its Pay It Forward initiative.

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Pay it Forward Scholarship

  • Pay It Forward Stories: Personal reflections from USF students who “pay it forward”
  • The application deadline for the Pay it Forward Scholarship is November 1, 2018

See what inspires us!

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Service at USF: Our Way of Life

As both a philosophy and practice, service is embedded in the USF experience. Students participate via classes, clubs and organizations, as members of athletic teams, and often, on their own.

  • 74% participate in community service on campus and in the community
  • Together, they complete more than 25,000 hours of service each year
  • Long-standing programs like Formula for Life bring USF in service to the global community. Each year, this student-led program raises funds for orphans in Haiti
  • Multiple Campus Ministry and Student Life programs provide service opportunities — on campus, in the local and global communities

USF Students Pay It Forward

One by one, through acts of kindness, we make the world a happier, safer, and more just home.

From Student to Advocate

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“I have lived the Pay it Forward experience at USF. During my junior year, I started Be Better, Do Better Ministries, a non-profit that helps the homeless. I was inspired by what I learned at USF, especially the writings of St. Francis.

“Once I started the Ministry, the community jumped on to support it. From the Sisters on campus who packaged 40 bags of non-perishable goods to my entrepreneurship mentor who is helping me find donated space for homeless vets, it’s been a Pay it Forward effort.

“The University helped me find my purpose; I help homeless families; and already, I know of one family I helped who is now taking in a homeless veteran.”

Justin Davis ’18, Communication major & founder of Be Better, Do Better Ministries