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Most courses on the Fort Wayne campus and USF Crown Point will continue to be conducted remotely throughout the summer.

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Admissions Counselors

Erika CombsErica Combs
Admissions Counselor
260-399-7700, ext. 6305
Text: 260-217-0551

Erika is sure to go the distance and show persistence in helping students – after all, her passions include hiking and mountain biking. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Psychology at Grace College, graduating in the spring of 2019. Her favorite spot at USF is the Mimi and Ian Rolland Art and Visual Communication Center. Erika says it’s a great place to see the unique artistic talent of students and faculty alike.

Erika’s advice: “Allow yourself grace in navigating the college process. It’s OK to have questions and not have everything figured out. You’re going to learn so much along the way!”

Kenan HabibićKenan Habibic
Admissions Counselor
260-399-7700, ext. 6309
Text: 260-888-3926

Kenan is a USF graduate with a BS in Health and Exercise Science who is currently on track in the MBA program. He chose USF because of the personal class sizes, beautiful campus and the chance to be a part of the men’s soccer team. He has great memories of his undergraduate times playing soccer, as well as watching football and enjoying other fun events in Bishop D’Arcy Stadium, his favorite spot on campus.

Kenan’s advice: “Set goals, go outside your comfort zone, never be scared to make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes.”

Aaron LloydAaron Lloyd
Admissions Counselor
260-399-7700, ext. 6316
Text: 260-888-3558

Like many of the students he assists, Aaron is always on the go. He regularly plays soccer and ran his first half-marathon in the spring of 2019. Aaron graduated in 2018 from Manchester University, earning a bachelor’s degree in English, with a concentration on writing. His favorite place on the USF campus is the North Campus gym because of the personal memories it holds. He played basketball tournaments at the USF site as a youngster.

Aaron’s advice: “Choose a school that you believe can become a home away from home for the next four years of your life. If you find that, then you will have the best four years of your life.”

Alondra Araujo-RuizWhitney Schlie
Admissions Counselor
260-399-7700, ext. 6341
Text: 260-888-8147

Whitney brings firsthand knowledge to campus conversations, having completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology at USF just last spring. Her favorite place on campus is no surprise, given her major: She loves Achatz Hall of Science and John and Toni Murray Research Center because of all the natural light, as well as the great view from the terrace. When Whitney is not showing prospective students why they’ll love USF, she’s probably outdoors or traveling to her latest adventure.

Whitney’s advice: “Always remember to make time for yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in homework and studying and forget to have fun. So, go to that event on campus. Or take a nap. Your health is important!”

Carrie Reeb
Associate Director of Enrollment Management
260-399-7700, ext. 6311
Text: 260-351-2197

Carrie is an organizer at heart, so she’s always eager to help students get their education in order. She also relates to students balancing work and school since she is currently pursuing an MBA at USF. Carrie earned a Bachelor of Science in Technology from Bowling Green State University, with a major in Visual Communication Technology and a minor in Marketing. On summer weekends, you’ll find her at the lake with her family. She also enjoys playing volleyball and lists Brookside Mansion with its rich history as her favorite spot on campus, especially during Christmas in the Castle.

Carrie’s advice: “Consider living on campus even if you don’t have to. The friendships you will forge and the memories you will make as a part of this community will be invaluable.”