Admissions Counselors

Alondra Araujo-RuizAlondra Araujo-Ruiz
Admissions Counselor
260-399-7700, ext. 6305

Alondra earned a BA in Animation from USF in 2018 and now works for the school she loves. She recalls fondly how the faculty encouraged her to become the best artist she could be. She also loves how USF fosters community among the many talented, creative students. Alondra visits her favorite place on campus – the School of Creative Arts – as often as she can. In her spare time, she enjoys ghost hunting and studying the paranormal.

Alondra’s advice: “Get some sleep. When I was a student, I thought I had to do all-nighters to be successful, but by not getting enough sleep, I was always exhausted. Sleep should never be sacrificed for the sake of a grade. Sleep is for the strong!”

Allen CoultasAllen Coultas
Coordinator of Transfer Admissions
260-399-7700, ext. 6306

Allen works primarily with transfer students and enjoys helping them fit into their new collegiate home. His favorite place on campus is the USF Robert Goldstine Performing Arts Center downtown. Performing on stage is an excellent way to prepare for success in the working world, he says. Allen earned a BA from Illinois College and a Master of Education in Higher Education from Abilene Christian University. He embraces life with more than 20 fish tanks featuring 30 species, along with two cats and two dogs and around 30 varieties of plants.

Allen’s advice: “Take your classes seriously. Being a transfer student can be extremely intimidating. Whether you’re coming from a community college or a university, you’re entering a new environment: beliefs, mission, customs, and trends. Adjusting takes time!”

Kenan HabibićKenan Habibic
Admissions Counselor
260-399-7700, ext. 6309

Kenan is a USF graduate with a BS in Health and Exercise Science who is currently on track in the MBA program. He chose USF because of the personal class sizes, beautiful campus and the chance to be a part of the men’s soccer team. He has great memories of his undergraduate times playing soccer, as well as watching football and enjoying other fun events in Bishop D’Arcy Stadium, his favorite spot on campus.

Kenan’s advice: “Set goals, go outside your comfort zone, never be scared to make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes.”

Aaron LloydAaron Lloyd
Admissions Counselor
260-399-7700, ext. 6314

Like many of the students he assists, Aaron is always on the go. He regularly plays soccer and ran his first half-marathon in the spring of 2019. Aaron graduated in 2018 from Manchester University, earning a bachelor’s degree in English, with a concentration on writing. His favorite place on the USF campus is the North Campus gym because of the personal memories it holds. He played basketball tournaments at the USF site as a youngster.

Aaron’s advice: “Choose a school that you believe can become a home away from home for the next four years of your life. If you find that, then you will have the best four years of your life.”