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USF Experience

We hear this a lot: “There’s just something different about USF…”

So, what is it that makes the USF experience so distinctive?

We posed that question to those who know best — students, alumni and professors. Here’s what they said:

One-on-One Attention

There’s just something different about USF. I don’t think you get the quality of education or one-on-one attention anywhere else. Honestly, choosing USF has been the best decision in my life.

Tiarra Hackbush ’19
Animation major

Great Internships

I have a great internship in the finance and research department of a local merger and acquisition firm. Because I’m in the EPIC program, this is a two-year paid internship, which is a double benefit: I can earn money while working alongside professionals in my field.

Paige Rockett ’19
Accounting major

Lasting Professional Prep

USF provided me with an artistic foundation: drawing, sculpture and 2D composition, whose principles and techniques I still use every day.

Adam Green ’02
Animator at Walt Disney whose work includes Frozen & Tangled

One Giant Family

There’s a great sense of community here —we’re like a family. We spend a lot of time together and we know each other well. Even though we’re all different, we support each other. There’s no judgement here, only support.

Louis Soria ‘20
Animation major

As diverse as we are, we are one giant family. We exchange thoughts and ideas all day to help and inspire each other. We come together to build each other up.

Alondra Araujo-Ruiz ’18
Animation major

The Feeling of Closeness

I was drawn to USF for its community. I saw immediately how kind everyone was. We are a diverse group of people, but we all support and care for each other. There’s a sense of acceptance and freedom here.

Samantha Cote ’19
Graphic Design major

Some of my favorite times are when we keep our doors open to hang out and listen to music. There’s such a strong feeling of closeness that we get from living together.

Eliese Kurtzweg ’18
Nursing major

Faculty Expertise

I love how much the faculty teach us about the music industry — what it’s like, what the opportunities are. They know because of their own professional experience and they go out of their way to help us. I feel so prepared to move into my field.

Brandon Williams ’19
Music Technology major

The support from faculty is great. They give us one-on-one attention and are always available for extra help if we need it. Each of the professors has an area of expertise —like game and app development or web programming —and they work in the industry.

Lauren Gill ‘19
Game Application and Development student

Teaching, Mentoring, Guiding

Our focus is on serving the students. We do so by teaching, mentoring and guiding them, by introducing them to knowledge and opportunities, by setting them on the path to rewarding and meaningful lives.

Dr. Lance Richey
Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

It’s important for students to know they don’t have to do it alone or have all the answers. USF gives students the freedom and support to discover who they are and what they want out of life.

Aaron West ’12
Coordinator of Orientation and First Year Experience

Spiritual Growth

I’m not Catholic myself and yet the university has helped me grow in my own faith. There is such a great support system here and everyone is invested in the students’ total wellbeing. Catholic or not, you’ll feel welcome on every level at USF.

Emilie Fisher ’18
Art Teacher at Southern Wells Elementary School

USF was a wonderful place to grow my faith. It led me to where I am now and the role I am to
play in the greater world.

Julie Murray ’14
Religion Teacher, Service Coordinator, & Volleyball Coach at DePaul Christo Rey High School